Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Words on the page

     We all have our difficulties.  Mine, have to do with writing.  I consider myself to be a rather atrocious writer, but the fact is, I enjoy writing regardless of my competency.  I've never, and I mean never blogged before and I've always, until recently, kept my writing to myself.  For example, I find myself having a hell of a time trying to find out how to even indent on this thing.  So, for now, I've decided to solve the indent issue, by just spacing over five spaces, and for the moment this will have to do.

     As far as a topic for today, well..., there is none.  Today, tonight actually, I decided just to put a few words on the page.  Call it a blood sacrifice to the writing gods above.  Nothing much in the way of sacrifices, but hopefully enough to appease the deities of the written word.


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